Errata to the First Printing, Second Electronic Book (July 2019)

The publisher has revised the electronic copy of the book, and all the errata in the first printing have been fixed. But the printed version still has the errors, because it will not be updated until the second printing.

Here are the errata for the next revision. I have added the name of the first person to report each problem.

Chapter 12, “Cipher Techniques”

Section, “Synchronous Stream Ciphers”, p. 372 [author]

The seventh line of the example should end in 1001.

Section, “OpenOPGP and PEM”, p. 389 [Robert Fourney]

In the third line from the bottom of Table 12–1, “AES-123” should be “AES-128”..

Chapter 24, “Vulnerabilities Analysis”

Section 24.6.1, “The Flow-Based Model of Penetration Analysis”, p. 870 [author]

In Figure 24–11, in the oval at the bottom, change “deststr” to “dststr”.

“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made in a very narrow field.”
            —Niels Bohr

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