Tentative Syllabus, Version 2

These are the topics I plan to cover at each lecture. All readings are from the text.
1.Fri, Sep 28 Course introduction, about computers and programming, binary and hex § 1, 5
2.Mon, Oct 1Introduction to python; IDLE, PyScripter
3.Wed, Oct 3Basic python statements§ 2
4.Fri, Oct 5Functions§ 3
5.Mon, Oct 8For loops§ 4
6.Wed, Oct 10If statements, boolean expressions§ 6
7.Fri, Oct 12Relational operators, while loops§ 7Homework #1
8.Mon, Oct 15Types, integers, floats, characters§ 5, 9, 13
9.Wed, Oct 17How to write a program§ 7
10.Fri, Oct 19Exception handling
11.Mon, Oct 22Turtle graphics
12.Wed, Oct 24Miscellaneous and misconceptionsHomework #2
13.Fri, Oct 26Midterm review
14.Mon, Oct 29midterm
15.Wed, Oct 31Recursion part 1
16.Fri, Nov 2Recursion part 2
17.Mon, Nov 5Strings part 1§ 11
18.Wed, Nov 7Strings part 2§ 12
19.Fri, Nov 9String methods§ 16Homework #3
Mon, Nov 12no class (Veterans’ Day)
20.Wed, Nov 14Lists and tuples§ 14
21.Fri, Nov 16List methods§ 14
22.Mon, Nov 19Files and web pages part 1§ 15
23.Wed, Nov 21Debugging
Fri, Nov 23 no class (Thanksgiving)
24.Mon, Nov 26Files and web pages part 2§ 15, 16
25.Wed, Nov 28Dictionaries part 1§ 18Homework #4
26.Fri, Nov 30Dictionaries part 2§ 18
27.Mon, Dec 3Mutability§ 17
28.Wed, Dec 5To Be Arranged
29.Fri, Dec 7To Be ArrangedHomework #5


Midterm Exam: Monday, October 29, in class
Final Exam: Thursday, December 13, 3:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m.
A PDF version is available here.
ECS 10, Basic Concepts of Computing
Fall Quarter 2012