Tentative Syllabus

Because I teach to the students, and not to the syllabus, these dates and topics are tentative and subject to change without warning. In particular, if I don’t discuss something you’re interested in, ask about it! I may very well add it or modify what I’m covering to include it.

1.Tue, Jan 4Introduction, computer hardwareWhite, §1
2.Thu, Jan 6More about computer hardware White, §2
3.Tue, Jan 11Brief history of computing; operating systems
due: Lab exercise 1
White, pp. 2–9; §3,4
4.Thu, Jan 13Transistors and microprocessors; storing data
due: Prospectus
White, §5, 6, 10, 11
5.Tue, Jan 18Storing data; input and output
due: Lab exercise 2
White, §12–16
6.Thu, Jan 20Guest lecture on writing a term paper; input, outputWhite, §17–19
7.Tue, Jan 25Output, printers
due: Lab exercise 3
White, §32, 33
8.Thu, Jan 27Multimedia
due: Progress report
White, §20, 21
9.Tue, Feb 1Games
due: Lab exercise 4
White, §22, 23
10.Thu, Feb 3Networks and the Internet (part 1)White, §24–27
11.Tue, Feb 8Networks and the Internet (part 2)
due: Lab exercise 5
White, §28–31
12.Thu, Feb 10Midterm
13.Tue, Feb 15Programming languages and software applicationsWhite, §7–9
14.Thu, Feb 17Introduction to Python
due: “Spew” paper
Dawson, §1
15.Tue, Feb 22Values: strings and numbers
due: Lab exercise 6
Dawson, §2
16.Thu, Feb 24Variables, operations, input and exceptions Dawson, §2
17.Tue, Mar 1Conditional statements, while loops
due: Lab exercise 7
Dawson, §3
18.Thu, Mar 3For loops, tuples, lists
due: Final term paper
Dawson, §4, 5
19.Tue, Mar 8Functions
due: Lab exercise 8
Dawson, §6
20.Thu, Mar 10File I/O, exceptions Dawson, §7
Thu, Mar 17Final Examination (10:30AM–12:30PM)

ECS 15, Introduction to Computers
Winter Quarter 2011
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