Term Paper Prospectus

Get the assignment here.

Please remember that you need to turn in paper. You must use a computer-based word processor, such as Microsoft Word, and print it on a letter-quality printer. Please use an 11 point, proportional font, and double-space your text. Also, please do not forget to include your name and email address!

Turn your paper in at the beginning of class on Thursday, January 13.

Please see the All About Lab Exercises and the Term Paper handout for more information.

Here is how we will grade your assignment:

2 points: Clear statement of topic or topics
1 point: What interests you about this topic?
2 points: What do you already know about this topic?
2 points: What sources do you plan to use, or start with?
3 points: These points come from the writing (exposition and expression as well as spelling and grammar)
Total points: 10 points

ECS 15, Introduction to Computers
Winter Quarter 2011