Outline for April 15, 2002

Handouts: More Sample C Programs, Homework 2, Pointers
Reading: Johnsonbaugh & Kalin pp. 245-265, 305-329

  1. Greetings and felicitations!
    1. Ke Zhang will be available for grading from 7--9 PM tonight
  2. swaps.c
    1. pointers and parameter lists
    2. pointers and var paramaters
  3. paa.c
    1. str1copy: condition on for, explicit comparison
    2. str2copy: condition on for, implicit comparison
    3. str3cpy: condition on for, implicit comparison from assignment
    4. str4cpy: pure pointers
  4. fileio.c
    1. like program 5 from first handout, but driven by files not standard input
    2. show technique for developing this (program becomes function, add file I/O driver)
    3. go through file manipulation functions

ECS 30-A, Introduction to Programming
Spring Quarter 2002
Email: cs30a@cs.ucdavis.edu