Digital Resources for ECS 030 Fall 2015

In an attempt to reduce your course materials costs, we’re participating in the Inclusive Access Program. This gives us online access to MyProgrammingLab, an interactive platform for the course textbook Problem Solving and Program Design in C. It includes online exercises and access to the full text.

All enrolled or waitlisted students are automatically included in this program. This handout contains information about accessing the resource and billing, so please read the following information carefully. It is a (slightly modified) version of what you should have received in email.

Access Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Register Here”.
  3. Read the Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement. If you want to accept them, click on “I Accept”. Otherwise, click on “I Decline”. If you do not accept, you can’t use MyProgrammingLab, and will have to buy the book.
  4. Create a new Pearson account or log in to an existing account if you have one.
  5. Enter your course access code, which is DSSEXC-BLIDA-MASSY-MOTIF-RETOT-PIPES, and click “Next?’. Note it may be easier to click on the “Switch to a single box for typing your access code”, especially if you are cutting and pasting the code.
  6. Verify that your account information is correct, and click “Next”.
  7. Select “Log In Now?’.
  8. Verify your account is correct and click “Next”.
  9. Enter your course ID, which is UOFC-21464-RDKG-26, and click “Next?’.
  10. Verify the course information is correct and click “Finish?’.

You now have access to the online instructional materials, including the book. You will be presented with an option to purchase a print version of the book. This version is a looseleaf/3 hole drilled version of the text that’s full color, and will be mailed to you.

Pricing and Billing

The price for Inclusive Access is $92.95. If you order the print upgrade option to purchase a print version of the book, you get charged another $20.00. As the retail price for the book in new condition is $158.00, you save $45.05 over the retail price if you do both, and $65.05 if you don’t exercise the print upgrade option.

Your access is free for the first 10 days of class (through October 9th, 2015). After that, the Inclusive Access price will be billed to your MyBill account, unless you have chosen to opt out of the program.

Opting Out of Inclusive Access

If you use an alternate method of access to the online content and exercises, you must opt out of the Inclusive Access program before the billing date to avoid being billed. Once you do this, your access to the program will end after the opt-out deadline.

If you would like to opt out, go to Then click the green “Begin Price Comparison? button at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, click the opt-out button and enter your information to cancel your access.

If you opt out by accident or decide to opt back in, you can email to have the access re-instated and billed.

Dropping the Course

If you drop the course before the billing deadline, you will automatically be opted out and will not be billed. If you drop the course after the billing deadline, you must notify the Inclusive Access team at within 5 days to request a refund.


If you have any questions, please contact the digital course materials team at For technical support, go to

You can also obtain a PDF version of this. Version of September 24, 2015 at 11:13PM