Lecture 21 Outline (November 13, 2015)

Reading: text, §10

  1. Greetings and felicitations!
    1. There is apparently a rumor going around that you will be penalized if you do not do the extra credit. This is absolutely untrue; not doing extra credit cannot hurt you as it is not part of your final grade; it is only used if you are on a borderline! If you hear this, please correct the person you heard it from. You can point them to the handout General Information in the Class Information folder under Resources on SmartSite.
    2. If you are in any discussion section other than Friday’s and did not get your exam, you can come by this office hour to get it (I do not have Friday’s exams; the TAs have them). I’ll need to know your section number.

  2. How to write a program
    1. Go through homework #2, words.c
    2. Go through homework #3, getint.c

  3. Structures
    1. User-defined datatype
    2. As fields: var.field, ptrvar->field
    3. Use example of list of numbers (usort2.c)
    4. Do insertion sort (linked.c)
    5. Do timing program (timeit.c)

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