Lecture 23 Outline (November 18, 2015

Reading: text, §10

  1. Greetings and felicitations!
    1. I have to cancel office hours today; I’ll schedule a make-up one and post it to the Announcements area
    2. Midterms are in my office; you can come get them there. I’ll need to know your section number.
    3. If you lost any points in the programs from Homework 1 or Homework 2 due to style, you can resubmit your program after fixing the problems, and get up to 80% of the points you lost. If you lost points due to non-robustness (basically, anything except commenting), you can see the Secure Programming Clinic for help. See the announcement in the Announcements on SmartSite.

  2. Structures
    1. Use example of list of numbers (usort2.c)
    2. Do insertion sort (linked.c)

  3. Parallel arrays and arrays of structures
    1. Show parallel arrays to sort planets in order of diameter (planets1.c)
    2. Show same program using structures (planets2.c)
    3. typedef
    4. Using sizeof to get size of an array

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