Some Useful Settings for Turtle

These tables show some of the values for various methods used in the Python turtle package.


The methods that require a speed with which to move the mouse (like speed()) take an integer argument. The integer is between 0 and 10, with 0 meaning no motion and 10 meaning the fastest motion. So if you have the speed set to 0, the turtle will jump around as you move it; there will be no animation.


The methods that require a color use a color specification string. The more common ones are:

black cyan green pink violet
blue gold magenta purple white
brown gray orange red yellow

A full list can be found at You can also specify colors as mixtures or red, green, and blue as #rrggbb, where rr, gg, and bb are two hexadecimal digits each indicating the intensity of the color (with “00” meaning the color isn’t present and “FF” meaning it is as intense as possible).


The methods that require a shape for the cursor (like shape()) know the following shapes: “arrow”, “turtle”, “circle”, “square”, “triangle”, and “classic”.

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