Outline for January 7

Reading: Wentworth et al., §1
Assignments: Homework 1, due on January 18 at 11:55pm

  1. About the class
    1. Instructors and TAs
    2. Class web site, handouts
    3. Smartsite and submitting homework
    4. Homework, grading, and extra credit
  2. Programming languages
    1. High-level languages: semantics and syntax
    2. Low-level languages: assembly language, machine language
    3. Compilers, assemblers, interpreters
  3. Python
    1. What is Python?
    2. Why Python for this class?
  4. How to write a program; example is making change
    1. Goal and general algorithm idea
    2. Representing data and basic program structure
    3. Translating this into a programming-like language
    4. Translating that into Python

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