Final Study Guide for Linux

Here is what you need to know about Linux for the final. For the commands, you need to know about the options listed, but no others.

  1. File system
    1. Root directory
    2. File system as a tree (hierarchy)
    3. Subdirectories . and ..
    4. Relative path name
    5. Full or absolute path name
    6. Current working directory; commands cd, pwd
    7. Protection modes
  2. Commands
    1. Listing files: ls; know options -a and -l
    2. Viewing files: cat (know option -e), more
    3. Moving files: mv, cp (know option -r), ln
    4. Editing files: vim
    5. Searching files: grep
    6. Deleting files: rm (know options -i and -r)
    7. Date and time: date
    8. Information about processes: ps
    9. Information about people: who
  3. Shell
    1. What it is
    2. Redirection: <, >, >>
    3. Piping: |
    4. Command line options and arguments (what they are)
    5. Search path $PATH

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