Lecture 9: October 14, 2019

Reading: C text, §2.1, 7.1–7.6, [6]
Due: Extra Credit 1: due October 21, 2019; Homework #2, due October 24, 2019

  1. Greetings and felicitations!
    1. Homework #2 is out now.
    2. The Student Disability Center is looking for paid not takers for this course. See below.
  2. Pointers and arrays
    1. Arrays as pointers
    2. How indexing works
    3. Arrays as function parameters
    4. Multidimentional arrays
  3. C preprocessor
    1. How it works
    2. define
    3. undef
    4. include

Paid Note Takers

The Student Disability Center (SDC) asks that students interested in serving as paid note takers for this course please contact the Student Disability Center at sdc@ucdavis.edu.

Note takers are paid a stipend of $25 per unit (students can volunteer in lieu of payment), but must have a social security number or have visa status to qualify for an SSN, have a GPA of 2.5 or better, and be in good academic standing with UC Davis. Students should attach a sample of their notes to the email and put the following information in the subject line: “note taker”, the course code, CRN number, and instructor’s name. If selected, the SDC will offer the position to the Note Taker.

Notes provided to SDC students needing note takers are not to be posted, sold, or otherwise distributed, either by the note taker or the SDC Student receiving the notes. Note takers and SDC students receiving notes are expected to comply with the UC Davis academic honor code.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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