Tentative Syllabus

Because I teach to the students, and not to the syllabus, these dates and topics are tentative and subject to change without warning. In particular, if I don’t discuss something you’re interested in, ask about it! I may very well add it or modify what I’m covering to include it.

The discussion sections will present additional material and examples. The discussion section topics are tentative and subject to change as we see fit. Regardless of the topic listed, all discussion sections have a few ground rules:

#datetopicreading and notes
1.Mar 28Introduction, history of operating systems text, §1, 2
2.Mar 30System calls and how they worktext, §5, 39
3.Apr 1 Processes and process managementtext, §3–6
4.Apr 4 CPU and process schedulingtext, §6–7
5.Apr 6 CPU and process schedulingtext, §8–9
6.Apr 8Concurrency and the critical section problemtext, §25, 27
7.Apr 11Concurrency solutions, semaphorestext, §28, 29, 31
8.Apr 13Higher-level language constructstext, §30, 33; homework 1 due
9.Apr 15Monitors, eventcounters, IPCtext, §32
10.Apr 18Concurrency bugs, livelock, deadlocktext, §26; lab exercise 1 due
11.Apr 20 Memory and memory managementtext, §12–14<>/td>
12.Apr 22 Memory and memory managementtext, §12–15
13.Apr 25Review for midterm
ExamApr 27Midterm lab exercise 1 due
15.Apr 29 Segmentation and Pagingtext, §16, 18
16.May 2 Page replacement algorithmstext, §18, 19
17.May 4 Page, frame replacement algorithmstext, §20
18.May 6 Guest lecture by Prof. S. Felix Wu
19.May 9 Working set; I/O subsystemtext: §20, 36–37
20.May 11Device I/Otext, §36–37; homework 2 due
21.May 13Devices and I/Otext, §36–37
22.May 16Secondary storage, files and directoriestext, §37, 39
23.May 18Access control, disk block allocationtext, §37, 49
24.May 20Networking text, §49
25.May 23Security, principles, authenticationtext, §54–55
26.May 25Authentication, network security, identitiestext, §54–55; homework 3 due
27.May 27 Network security, cryptography, malwaretext, §54, 55
Skip.May 30Memorial Day (University holiday)
28.Jun 1Review for finaltext, §54, 55
SkipJun 2homework 4, lab exercise 2 due
Exam.Jun 6Final examTime: 3:30pm–5:30pm

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