Outline for March 30, 2022

text, §5, 39
Homework and Extra Credit 1, due Apr 11

  1. How system calls work
    1. Interaction with the operating system
    2. Example of library wrapper
    3. Error indicator: errno
  2. File-oriented Linux system calls
    1. Linux file system
      1. Files and directories
      2. Links and symbolic links
    2. File descriptors, kernel file pointers
    3. Accessing files: open(), read(), write(), close()
    4. Getting file status: stat(), lstat()
    5. Move around in a file: lseek()
    6. Linking and deleting files: {link(), symlink(), unlink()
  3. Process-oriented Linux system calls
    1. Process identification, process table
    2. Starting a child process: fork(), execve(), wait(), waitpid()
    3. Process termination: _exit(), EXIT_SUCCESS, {EXIT_FAILURE
    4. Get process UID, GID: getuid(), getgid()
    5. Set process UID, GID: setuid(), setgid(), setreuid(), setregid()

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