Puzzle of the Day

An educational company is developing a class that willuse "distance learning." The idea is that students can reside at any node on the Internet. They will download class materials, work on their own, and submit the results by electronic mail (or some other prearranged method). During specific times, TAs and the instructor will be on line and available via an interactive conferenceing system called Remote Tutor. But there's one problem: giving tests. The company plans to give interactive tests, with questions being posed and the student answering in real time. The student will be at the remote node, of course.

  1. From the company's point of view, what is the security problem in this scheme, assuming the connections can be secured and the testing computer (the one giving the test, not the one the student is at)?
  2. What would you suggest to the company? Think about how you would prevent the spoofing.

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