Notes for December 11, 1998

  1. Greetings and Felicitations!
    1. Office hours next week: M12-1:30, Tu1-3, W10-12, Th1-3
    2. Review session is on Wednesday, December 16, at 1:30PM in room 226 Wellman.
    3. Will pass out score sheets then; will have everything but part 3 of project and final
    4. Volunteer to take evaluations back to office
  2. Certificate-Based Key Management
    1. What is a certificate?
    2. X.509 Model
    3. Certificate Hierarchy
    4. Public Key Infrastructure
    5. Key Escrow debate
  3. Recap of course
    1. Security principles, writing good code
    2. Mechanisms to build upon
    3. Application of technical work to non-technical situations
  4. Books
    1. Wanted you to figure out why the books were relevant
    2. My reason: each illuminates some non-technical, but critical aspect of computer security and emphasized that you need to consider the non-technical dimensions of both the problem and the proposed solution
  5. Best of Luck on your Exams!!!

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