1.Fri, Oct 1Introduction: what is computer security 
2. Discussion: Trust, risk analysis, non-technical threats 
 Mon, Oct 4no class (SANS Network Security) 
3.Wed, Oct 6Robust programming rules and examples 
4.Fri, Oct 8Robust programming rules and examples (con't) 
  Discussion: Social engineering 
5.Mon, Oct 11Vulnerability models, attack models, relationshiphomework #1 due
6.Wed, Oct 13Penetration analyses, Flaw Hypothesis Methodologyproject part 1 due
7.Fri, Oct 15Intrusion detectionlast day to add course
8. Discussion: Classical cryptography; ROT-13, DES 
  Mon, Oct 18 no class (National Information Systems Security Conf.)  
9. Wed. Oct 20 Public-key cryptography; Diffie-Hellman; RSA last day to drop course
10. Fri, Oct 22 Access control matrix; security policies  
    Discussion: Policies at UC Davis  
11. Mon, Oct 25 Security policies (con't) homework #2 due
12. Wed, Oct 28 Authentication: passwords, crypt(3), attacks  
13. Fri, Oct 29 Users, groups, roles project part 2 due
    Discussion: Review for midterm  
13. Mon, Nov 1 midterm  
14. Wed, Nov 3 Access control lists, capabilities, locks and keys last day to change to P/NP or S/U grading
15. Fri, Nov 5 Access rings, PACLs  
    Discussion: Go through midterm; S/Key  
16. Mon, Nov 8 Malicious logic: Trojan horses, viruses, worms homework #3 due
17. Wed, Nov 10 Defending against malicious logic; property-based testing  
18. Fri, Nov. 12 Auditing and logging  
    Discussion: Examples of famous malicious logic; isolation  
19. Mon, Nov. 15 Secure systems; design hierarchy; trusted operating systems  
20. Wed, Nov. 17 Network security; cryptography as a tool  
21. Fri, Nov. 19 Analyzing network protocols  
    Discussion: Cryptographic protocols; X.509 failure  
22. Mon, Nov 22 Security in network administration homework #4 due
23. Wed, Nov 24 Security in system administration  
  Fri, Nov 26 no class (Thanksgiving)  
    Discussion: none (Thanksgiving)  
24. Mon, Nov 29 Security in system use  
25. Wed, Dec 1 Security in programming; principles and design  
26. Fri, Dec 3 Security in programming: UNIX implementation  
    Discussion: UNIX security tools  
27. Mon, Dec 6 Denial of service homework #5 due
28. Wed, Dec 8 Computability; HRU result, Take-Grant  
29. Fri, Dec 10 to be determined project part3 due
    Discussion: Review for final  
  Tue, Dec 14 final exam  

Please note that this syllabus is tentative and subject to change. If you want to hear about a topic not listed above, or that you are not sure we'll cover, please let me know!

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