Puzzle for March 8, 2002

Saul Alinsky discussed the Greek philosopher Socrates:

Actually, Socrates was an organizer. The function of an organizer is to raise questions that agitate, that break trhrough the accepted pattern. Socrates, with his goal of "know thyself," was raising the internal questions within the individual that are so essential for the revolution which is external to the individual. So Socrates was carrying out the first stage of making revolutionaries. If he had been permitted to continue raising questions about the meaning of life, to examine life and refuse the conventional values, the internal revolution would soon have moved out into the political arena. Those who tried him and sentenced him to death knew what they were doing.1

What does this have to do with computer security?

1. Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals , Random House, Inc., New York, NY (1972) pp. 72-73.

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Winter Quarter 2002
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