Template for Project Part 2

Here is the template for the project. Just cut and paste, and add the information about your project as indicated. Then check how the page looks with your web browser. (The lines beginning with <!-- and ending with --> are comments, and will not show up when you display the page.)

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
<!-- replace "your project title here" -->
<!-- with the title of your project -->
     <title>your project title here</title>
<!-- replace "your project title here" -->
<!-- with the title of your project -->
<b>Project Title:</b> your project title here
<!-- list project members and email addresses here -->
<!-- replace "person" with the member's name, and -->
<!-- BOTH "email address"es with the UC Davis email -->
<!-- addressof the member; create one line per member -->
<b>Project Members:</b>
person (<a href="mailto:email address">email address</a>),
<!-- PLEASE delete the "," after the last address!!! -->
<br><b>Detailed Description of Project:</b><br>
If you are doing a paper, please give a detailed outline
showing the sections and what each will cover. If you are
doing a programming project, please give a high-level description
of the modules (inputs, outputs, and what the modules do).
If you are working on the intrusion tolerance project, please
describe how you will gather system information, and formulate
and test hypotheses.