Term Project

Why a Project?

This course covers a very large discipline, and - perhaps more so than many other areas of computer science - the discipline of computer security runs through many other areas. Because the class has a very limited amount of time, we will only touch the surface of many topics. The project is to give you an opportunity to explore one of these topics, or some other area or application of computer security that interests you, in some depth.

The Ground Rules

You may select a project from the list below (in most cases, you will need to refine or limit the suggestions). You may also think of a project on your own. The project can be a detailed research report or survey, or a programming project. In any case, check with me before beginning to be sure it is a reasonable project and no-one else has chosen it. Please select something that interests you!

You may work individually, or in groups of up to 4 people (if you want to have more than 4, please come see me). Of course, the larger the group, the more we will expect from it!

Some Suggestions for Project and Report Topics

What Is Due

  1. Project selection: due date: October 8, 2003; weight: 10% of project score
    Submit a one-line title for your project, a list of team members and their email addresses, and a short (one paragraph) description that explicitly states the goal of your project. Please submit only one write-up for your team!
  2. Project: due date: December 5, 2003; weight: 90% of project score
    Submit your completed project. Please be sure the submission names all team members!

In all cases, submit the project to MyUCDavis as described in All About Homework.

Here is a PDF version of this document.