Lecture 13 Outline (April 27, 2015)

Reading: §4.6, 5–5.2.1
Assignment: Program 2, due April 27, 2015; Homework 2, May 1, 2015
  1. Greetings and felicitations!
    1. Midterm is next class, Wednesday, April 29, in class. It is open book, open notes, but no computers, laptops, tablets, or other computational devices (except your mind).
    2. For program 2, source code analyze works on pc33, pc34, pc36, pc37, pc38, pc39, pc40, pc41, pc42, pc43, pc44, pc45, pc46, pc51, pc55, pc57, pc58; does not work on pc35, pc47, pc48, pc49, pc50, pc53; don’t know about pc52, pc54, pc56, or pc60 as they were down when I checked
  2. Discussion problem of the day
  3. Policies in natural language
  4. Goals of confidentiality policies
  5. Bell-LaPadula Model with levels only
    1. Security levels
    2. Simple security property
    3. *-property
    4. Discretionary security property
  6. Full Bell-LaPadula Model
    1. Add in compartments
    2. dom relation
    3. BLP as lattice structure
    4. Simple security property
    5. *-Property
    6. Discretionary security property
  7. Discussion: Midterm review questions

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