Tentative Syllabus

These topics are tentative and subject to change without warning. In particular, if I don’t discuss something you’re interested in, ask about it! I may very well add it or modify what I’m covering to include it.

1.Tue Mar 29Introduction; what is securitytext, §1
2.Thu Mar 31Access control matrix, mechanisms text, §2, 16.1–16.3
Dis Social engineering; secure programming survey
3.Tue Apr 5Common vulnerabilitiestext, §16.4; [Chr11, OWA13]hw 1
4.Thu Apr 7Buffer overflows; CPS (Dr. Jeff Rowe) [Ale96]
Dis Cross-site scripting
5.Tue Apr 12Principles of secure design; robust programming text, §14; [SS75, Bis11]
6.Thu Apr 14Robust programming[Bis11]
Dis Review of fragile programming example
7.Tue Apr 19Flaw hypothesis methodology; penetration testing text, §24.1–24.2; [Wei95, Bis07a, Bis07b]hw 2
8.Thu Apr 21Intrusion detection (Prof. Karl Levitt)text, §26
Dis nmap, Fortify source code analyzer
9.Tue Apr 26Malwaretext, §23 (not 23.6); [Nac97]
10.Thu Apr 28Policies, policy modelstext, §4; [War70]
Dis Review for midterm
11.Tue May 3Midterm
12.Thu May 5Example policies, confidentiality policies text, §4, 5
13.Tue May 10Integrity policies, cryptographytext, §5, 6.1, 6.2, 6.4, 10
14.Thu May 12Cryptography, digital signaturestext, §10hw3
15.Tue May 17Cryptographic protocolstext, §10, 11
16.Thu May 19Key managementtext, §11, 12, 13
17.Tue May 24Authenticationtext, §12, 13
18.Thu May 26Network, web securitytext, §13, 15
19.Tue May 31Assurance and trusttext, §13, 18
20.Thu Jun 2 Electronic voting systems, review for final[BBG07, BW07, RABA04]hw 5
—. Wed Jun 8Final examination (at 10:30am)


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