Tentative Syllabus

These topics are tentative and subject to change without warning. In particular, if I don’t discuss something you’re interested in, ask about it! I may very well add it or modify what I’m covering to include it.

All readings are from the text. The starred readings are from newer chapters, which will be available on Canvas.

lec.datetopic readingnotes
1.Mon Apr 2Intro to computer security§1Homework #1 out
2.Wed Apr 4Access control matrix, HRU result§2, 3.1–3.2
3.Fri Apr 6Design principles, robust programming I§14, [1]Lab #1 out
disNo discussion section
4.Mon Apr 9Robust programming II[1]
5.Wed Apr 11Robust programming III, policy models§4.1–4.3Homework #1 due, #2 out
6.Fri Apr 13Policy models§4.4–4.5, G
dis 1. Using Canvas; setting up lab
7. Mon Apr 16 Example policies, confidentiality models§4.6, 5.1–5.2.1, A, G
8. Wed Apr 18 Confidentiality models, integrity models§5.2.2, 5.3, 6.1
9. Fri Apr 20 Industrial control systems ISlides on CanvasLab #1 due, #2 out
     Guest lecturer: Steven Templeton  
dis 2.Cross-site scripting, Google hacking
10. Mon Apr 23Industrial control systems IISlides on Canvas
     Guest lecturer: Steven Templeton  
11. Wed Apr 25Integrity models§6.2, 6.4Homework #2 due, #3 out
12. Fri Apr 27Other policy models, cryptography§8.3–8.5, 10.1–10.2
dis 3.Buffer overflows
13. Mon Apr 30Cryptography§10.2, F
14. Wed May 2Public key cryptography§10.3–10.5
15. Fri May 4Midterm exam
dis 4.Review for midterm exam
16. Mon May 7Key exchange§11Lab #2 due, #3 out
17. Wed May 9Cipher techniques§12.1, 12.3–12.4 Homework #3 due, #4 out
18. Fri May 11Authentication§13
dis 5.Vigenère cipher
19. Mon May 14Access control mechanisms§16
20. Wed May 16 Access control mechanisms§16
21. Fri May 18 Malware I§23.1–23.4
dis 6. Elliptic curve ciphers
22. Mon May 21 Malware II§23.5–23.9Lab #3 due, #4 out
23. Wed May 23 Penetration testing§24.1–24.2Homework #4 due, #5 out
24. Fri May 25Vulnerability analysis§24.3–24.5
dis 7.Review midterm answers
—. Mon May 28 Memorial Day (no class)
25. Wed May 30Intrusion detection systems§26
26. Fri Jun 1Attacks§27
dis 8.wireshark, net traces
27. Mon Jun 4 to be arranged Lab #4 due
28. Wed Jun 6 to be arranged Homework #5 due
dis 9. Review for final exam
—. Tue Jun 12 Final exam (at 1:00pm)


  1. M. Bishop, “Robust Programming,” unpublished (Mar. 2011)

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