Extra Credit 2

Update. In problem 1, “page 170” has been corrected to be “page 18”.

Due: April 25, 2018 at 11:59pm
Points: 20


  1. (10 points) In KeyNote, write an assertion that would allow the second action environment in the example on page 170 page 18 to satisfy the policy. For your assertion, the evaluator is to return _MAX_TRUST.

  2. (10 points) Consider Amy’s problem of finding out if Danny is a good programmer in the first example of Section 6.5.2. Amy does not know Carole, so she asks Boris for a recommendation about Carole’s recommendation. Boris wants to assign a (recommender) trust level of 3 to this. How would this change the computation of Amy’s trust value for the path used to find out about Danny?

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