Outline for October 27, 2005

Reading: J. Haskett, "Pass-Algorithms: A User Validation Scheme Based on Knowledge of Secret Algorithms," Communications of the CACM 27 (8) pp. 777-781 (Aug. 1984).

  1. Identity
    1. Anonymity
  2. Authentication
    1. What it is
    2. Passwords
    3. Guessing passwords
    4. Challenge-response
    5. Biometrics
    6. Location
    7. Combining these
    8. The UC Davis network authentication system

Puzzle of the Day

RFID stands for "Radio Frequency IDentification." This is a method for identifying things, animals, or people. It requires placing a chip in the object to be identified. The chip contains identification information about the object. containing the chip.

    1. What are the benefits of having merchandise identified with RFID? The disadvantages?
    2. How would your answer change if part a asked about people?

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