Extra Questions for Sample Final

Some class members asked for more examples of the types of essay questions I might ask. Here are some more. Your answers should be well under a page, perhaps 1 or 2 paragraphs.

  1. Why is it necessary for an antivirus program to start up as part of the booting process rather than being started when the user logs in?

  2. What is the relationship of security requirements to a security policy?

  3. What is non-repudiation? Please give an example of a situation requiring non-repudiation.

  4. As stated in class, one of the goals of an election is to prevent people from being paid for votes, which requires them proving to the payor how they voted. But a voter would like to be able to verify that her vote was properly counted and, if it is not, complain to a county official and have the count corrected. To do this, the voter requires proof of her vote. Is it possible to enable a voter to do this and at the same time prevent people from being paid for votes? Why or why not?

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