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Web Pages

Here are links to the web pages that are on the reading list.

Aaron Balchunas, “Introduction to Firewalls”, available at http://www.routeralley.com/ra/docs/intro_firewalls.pdf
Michael Barbaro and Tom Zeller Jr., “A Face is Exposed for AOL Searcher No. 4417749”, New York Times (Aug. 9, 2006); available at http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/09/technology/09aol.html
Matt Bishop, “Overview of Red Team Reports”, available at http://www.sos.ca.gov/voting-systems/oversight/ttbr/red-overview.pdf
Arthur C. Clarke, “Superiority”, in Expedition to Earth, Ballantine Books, New York, NY (1953); available at http://www.mayofamily.com/RLM/txt_Clarke_Superiority.html
Jamie Condliffe, “Easily Understand Encryption Using … Paint and Clocks?” available at http://gizmodo.com/5888567/how-to-understand-encryption-using-paint-and-clocks
Pieter Danhieux, “E-mail Phishing and Scams”, OUCH! (Dec. 2011); available at http://www.securingthehuman.org/newsletters/ouch/issues/OUCH-201112_en.pdf
Pieter Danhieux, “E-mail Phishing Attacks”, OUCH! (Feb. 2013); available at http://www.securingthehuman.org/newsletters/ouch/issues/OUCH-201302_en.pdf
Ted Demopoulos, “Social Networking Safely”, OUCH! (Mar. 2013); available at http://www.securingthehuman.org/newsletters/ouch/issues/OUCH-201303_en.pdf
“7 Things You Should Know About Federated Identity Management”, available at http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/EST0903.pdf
“The Security Principles of Saltzer and Schroeder”, available at
Dan Goodin, “Anatomy of a Hack: How Crackers Ransack Passwords Line ‘qeadzcwrsfxv1331’ ” available at http://arstechnica.com/security/2013/05/how-crackers-make-minced-meat-out-of-your-passwords
Ron Hipschman, “The Secret Language”, available at http://www.exploratorium.edu/ronh/secret/secret.html
Ron Hipschman, “Internet”, available at http://www.exploratorium.edu/ronh/tcpip/index.html
Kevin Johnson, “Securing Your Mobile Device Apps”, OUCH! (Feb. 2012); available at http://www.securingthehuman.org/newsletters/ouch/issues/OUCH-201202_en.pdf
Fred Kerby, “Two-Factor Authentication”, OUCH! (Nov. 2012); available at http://www.securingthehuman.org/newsletters/ouch/issues/OUCH-201211_en.pdf
“How PGP Works”, available at http://www.pgpi.org/doc/pgpintro/
“Two-Step Verification”, OUCH! (Aug. 2013); available at http://www.securingthehuman.org/newsletters/ouch/issues/OUCH-201308_en.pdf
“How Does the Internet Work?” available at http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/concepts/internet_and_web/how_does_the_internet_work
Joshua Wright, “Using Your Smartphone Securely”, OUCH! (Feb. 2011); available at http://www.securingthehuman.org/newsletters/ouch/issues/OUCH-201102_en.pdf

Other Documents

They are not here because some of the documents are available only to class members.

ECS 155, Computer Security for Non-Majors
Fall Quarter 2013