Lecture 4: Attacks Part 2

Date: October 4, 2013
Homework due: Oct. 4 at 5:00pm (today)

  1. What is malware?
    1. Trojan horse, replicating Trojan horse
      1. The game of animal
      2. Thompson’s Trojan horse
    2. Computer viruses
      1. How they work
      2. Stealth viruses
      3. Polymorphic viruses
    3. Computer worm
      1. How they work
      2. CHRISTMA EXEC worm
      3. Internet worm
      4. Other worms
    4. Bacteria, logic bomb
  2. Example: Internet worm
  3. Example: Melissa macro virus
  4. Discussion question

Discussion Topic

A professor wants his computer security class to learn about computer viruses. So he creates an exercise for them to write one and test it out. They will do this on a network that is not connected to any other network (and, especially, not to the Internet).

Do you think teaching people how to write viruses is a reasonable way to have students learn about computer viruses?

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