All About Homework

The homework will consist of both programming exercises and written questions. This handout describes some general thoughts and techniques for doing homework, as well as what is required, how to submit it, how late homeworks are handled, and other administrative matters.

Turning In Homework

All homework is due at 11:55PM on the due date, unless noted otherwise on the assignment. These will be graded and returned to you as quickly as possible; we'll try for three class periods, but can't guarantee it.

You must turn in an ASCII, a PostScript, or a PDF version of your answers (you can use any text processor you like to generate these). Please do not submit Microsoft Word files. If you submit PostScript, please be sure the file will print on our department printers (use ghostscript or gs to check this; if it displays the file properly, the file should print correctly). If your file is a PostScript file, choose a name that ends in ".ps". If it is an ASCII file, please choose a name that ends in ".txt". If your file is a PDF file, choose a name that ends in ".pdf".

If you write programs to help you answer questions, turn in the source code, Makefile (you must include one) and any related information (such as man pages and README files). Be sure that we can recompile the program without errors by typing "make". You are free to use any programming language that is available on the CSIF and that the ECS 153 graders can get to. C or C++ is preferred.

Please turn in both your written exercises and programs electronically through MyUCDavis. Do not use the handin program!

Doing Written Exercises

When you are asked to analyze something, or explain something, please be complete, and show your work (including any commands you give, and their output, to show how you did the problem). Otherwise, even if you get the right answer, you will get ZERO (that's 0, zip, nada, rien, nothing) points. Think your answer through and do a rough draft. Students (and professionals, actually) often overlook this, but it is vital. Write clearly and cogently. If the question asks for an opinion, state your opinion clearly, justify it, and don't ramble. Answers that start, "My opinion is yes ..." and conclude with "... on the other hand it could equally well be no" won't get much credit.

Late Homework

Homeworks are due on the given date. If you have a reason for turning it in late, please discuss it with me. I'm quite liberal about due dates in a graduate class, but we do not want to have to grade lots of papers at the end of the term, and we cannot post answers until all the homework is in. If you turn homework in late without making arrangements first, I will take 10% off your score for every day it is late (including weekends, holidays, and any other classification you care to use!)

Grade Appeals

If you feel that there is an error in grading, please come see me and we'll look over it (and possibly talk with you about it). However, don't dally; any such request must be made within one week of when the grades were made available. After that, we won't change your grade.

Here is a PDF version of this document.