Week 1:    Dates: Oct. 2
Topics: Overview of computer security; access control matrix
Reading: text, §1, 2
Week 2:    Dates: Oct. 7, Oct. 9
Topics: HRU result; ACL, C-lists, lock-and-key, PACLs
Reading: text, § 3.1–3.2, 15; paper [TL13]
Week 3:    Dates: Oct. 14, Oct. 16
Topics: Policy models: general, confidentiality, integrity, availability; domain-specific
Reading: text, § 4.1–4.4, 5.1–5.2.2, 5.3, 6.1–6.2, 6.4, 7; papers [PS04, WB04]
Due: Project selection (due Oct. 16); Homework 1 (due Oct. 16)
Week 4:    Dates: Oct. 21, Oct. 23
Topics: Malware; vulnerabilities: models, classification schemes
Reading: text, § 22, 23; papers [KCR+10, KWG+12]
Week 5:    Dates: Oct. 28, Oct. 30
Topics: Assurance and formal verification
Reading: text, § 18; paper [M79]
Due: Homework 2 (due Oct. 30)
Week 6:    Dates: Nov. 4, Nov. 6
Topics: Basic cryptography: classical, public key, digital signatures
Reading: text, § 9, 10; papers [M78, RSA78]
Due: Project progress report (due Nov. 6)
Week 7:    Dates: Nov. 13; no class on Nov. 11 (Veteran’s Day)
Topics: Authentication
Reading: text, § 12; paper [HO12]
Due: Homework 3 (due Nov. 13)
Week 8:    Dates: Nov. 18, Nov. 20
Topics: Basic intrusion detection: types, methods
Reading: text, § 25
Week 9:    Dates: Nov. 25; no class on Nov. 27 (Thanksgiving Day)
Topics: Information flow
Reading: text, § 16; paper [BDU07]
Due: Homework 4 (due Nov. 25)
Week 10:    Dates: Dec. 2, Dec. 4
Topics: Network security: firewalls, servers, protocols, architectures; network attacks
Reading: papers [CJM05, YCM+06]
Week 11:    Dates: Dec. 9, Dec. 11
Topics: Special topics: cyber-physical systems, insiders, elections
Reading: papers [BSH+09, SEC+10]
Due: Homework 5 (due Dec. 11)
Dec. 15:    Due: Completed project due at 10:00am


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Fall Quarter 2014