Outline for February 19, 2016

Reading: §16, 17 in text
Due: Homework 3, due February 26 (Note change of due date)

  1. Administrative matters
    1. Presentations for February 22
      1. Francesco Capponi, “Securing the Software-Defined Network Control Layer”; questioner, Calvin Li
      2. Chaitrali Joshi, “Addressing the Challenge of IP Spoofing”; questioner, Sandeep Rasoori
    2. Presentations for February 24
      1. Mark Crompton, “A Diagnosis-Based Intrusion Detection Approach”; questioner, Yuan-Yu Chen
      2. Apoorva Rangaraju, “Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Adaptive Cyber Defense Against Heartbleed”; questioner, Francesco Capponi
  2. Execution-based information flow mechanisms
    1. Fenton’s Data Mark Machine
    2. Variable classes
    3. Exception handling
  3. Confinement problem
    1. What is it?
    2. Total isolation
    3. Covert channels, side channels
    4. Rule of Transitive Confinement
    5. Isolation with virtual machines
    6. Sandboxes

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