Outline for March 2, 2016

Reading: Papers for March 2
Due: Homework 4, due March 14

  1. Administrative matters
    1. Presentations for March 4
      1. Aditi Garg, “Face/Off: Preventing Privacy Leakage From Photos in Social Networks”; questioner, Janis Frederick
      2. Lin Wang, “New Models of Cache Architectures Characterizing Information Leakage from Cache Side Channels”; questioner, Weili Ye
    2. Presentations for March 4
      1. Shiqi Xiong, “Context-Free Attacks Using Keyboard Acoustic Emanations”; questioner, Jonathan Nguyen
      2. Weili Ye, “When Good Becomes Evil: Keystroke Inference with Smartwatch”; questioner, Oleksky Budilovsky
  2. Presentations for today
    1. Chris Patton, “Cluster Computing in Zero-Knowledge”; questioner, Chaitrali Joshi
    2. Gabriel Castillo, “PixelVault: Using GPUs for Securing Cryptographic Operations”; questioner, Chris Patton

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