Outline for March 14, 2016

Reading: Papers for March 14
Due: Homework 4, due March 14

  1. Administrative matters
    1. Presentations for March 18
      1. Devika Joshi, “Security Analysis of the Estonian Internet Voting System”; questioner, Shiqi Xiong
      2. Yuan-Yu Chen, “Every Second Counts: Quantifying the Negative Externalities of Cybercrime via Typosquatting”; questioner, Yeh-Cheng Chen
      3. Derek McQuay, “Ending Password Cracking and Detecting Password Leakage”; questioner, Devika Joshi
  2. Presentations for today
    1. Calvin Li, “On the Robustness of Mobile Device Fingerprinting: Can Mobile Users Escape Modern Web-Tracking Mechanisms?”; questioner, Apoorva Rangaraju
    2. Ruoan Ji, “Understanding and Monitoring Embedded Web Scripts”; questioner, Pallavi Kudigrama

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