Outline for October 22, 2021

Reading: text, §16.3, 18.1–18.2
Due: Homework 2, due October 22 (Note change of due date)

  1. Lock and Key
    1. Associate with each object a lock; associate with each process that has access to object a key (it’s a cross between ACLs and C-Lists)
    2. Example: cryptographic (Gifford). X object enciphered with key K. Associate an opener R with X. Then:
      OR-Access: K can be recovered with any Di in a list of n deciphering transformations, so
      R = (E1(K), E2(K), …, En(K)) and any process with access to any of the Di’s can access the file
      AND-Access: need all n deciphering functions to get K: R = En(E2(… En(K)…))
    3. Types and locks

  2. Secret sharing

  3. Reference monitor

  4. Confinement problem
    1. Total isolation
    2. Isolation

  5. Virtual machines
    1. Type 1 and type 2 hypervisors

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