Outline for October 7, 2022

Reading: text, §10.4–10.5, 11.1–11.2, 12.1
Due: Homework 1, due October 5; Project selection, due Oct 7

  1. Cryptographic Checksums
    1. Function y = h(x): easy to compute y given x; computationally infeasible to compute x given y
    2. Variant: given x and y, computationally infeasible to find a second x′ such that y = h(x′)
    3. Keyed vs. keyless

  2. Digital Signatures
    1. Judge can confirm, to the limits of technology, that claimed signer did sign message
    2. RSA digital signatures: sign, then encipher, then sign
    3. El Gamal digital signatures

  3. Session and interchange keys

  4. Key Exchange
    1. Needham-Schroeder and Kerberos
    2. Public key; man-in-the-middle attacks
    3. The discrete log problem and Diffie-Hellman

  5. Attacks
    1. Precomputation
    2. Misordered blocks
    3. Statistical regularities
    4. Type flaw

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