February 4, 2014 Outline

Reading: text, §19
Assignment due: Project progress report, due February 4, 2014; Homework #2, due February 11, 2014
  1. Administrative notes
    1. Discussion section tomorrow, but none next week
    2. Project presentations
      1. We will do these next week, on Tuesday and Thursday (not this week)
      2. Plan on 10 minutes maximum for your presentation and questions and answers
      3. Please email me whether you want to present on Tuesday February 11 or Thursday February 13; otherwise, I will pick a day for you
    3. People who will present papers this week, please come see me after class
  2. Policy and requirements
    1. Security specifications
    2. Problems with precision
    3. Example: System X and Bell-LaPadula
    4. Justifying requirements
  3. Techniques to support design assurance
    1. Subsystem, subcomponent, module
  4. Design documents
    1. Security functions summary specification
    2. External functional specification
    3. Internal design description
  5. Justifying design meets requirements
    1. Reviews

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