This syllabus is tentative will undoubtedly change as the quarter progresses. If there is a topic you’re interested in but not shown, please let me know; I may well change things to cover it. All readings are from the texts unless otherwise indicated. I will assign papers as the course progresses.

Week 1:Dates: Jan 4, Jan 6, Jan 8
Topics: Reference monitor, access control matrix, safety question
Reading: text, §2, 3–3.2,
Week 2:Dates: Jan 11, Jan 13, Jan 15
Topics: Take-Grant Protection Model, security policies, confidentiality policies, Bell-LaPadula Model
Reading: text, §3.3, 4, 5–5.2, A
Week 3:Dates: Jan 18, Jan 20, Jan 22 [Jan 18: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (university holiday)]
Topics: Bell-LaPadula Model, tranquility, System Z, integrity models
Reading: text, §5, 6.1
Due: Jan 22: homework 1; Jan 22: project selection
Week 4:Dates: Jan 25, Jan 27, Jan 29
Topics: Biba, Clark-Wilson, trust models, availability models
Reading: text, §6.2, 6.4–6.5, 7
Week 5:Dates: Feb 1, Feb 3, Feb 5
Topics: hybrid models, Chinese Wall model, CISS model, ORCON, RBAC
Reading: text, §8
Due: Feb 5: homework 2
Week 6:Dates: Feb 8, Feb 10, Feb 12
Topics: Basic policy composition, noninterference
Reading: text, §9.1–9.2
Due: Feb 12: project progress report
Week 7:Dates: Feb 15, Feb 17, Feb 19 [Feb 15: President’ Day (university holiday)]
Topics: Unwinding theorem, nondeducibility, restrictiveness, side channels
Reading: text, §9.2–9.6
Due: Feb 19: homework 3
Week 8:Dates: Feb 22, Feb 24, Feb 26
Topics: Information flow mechanisms, confinement problem
Reading: text, §17, 18.1
Week 9:Dates: Mar 1, Mar 3, Mar 5
Topics: Isolation, covert channel analysis
Reading: §18.2–18.3
Week 10: Dates: Mar 8, Mar 10, Mar 12 [Mar 12 is last class]
Topics: Principles of secure design, introduction to assurance
Reading: §14, 19
Due: Mar 15: homework 4
Mar 18:Due: Completed project due at 3:00pm

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