Bell-LaPadula Symbols

symbolwhat it represents
Sset of subjects
Oset of objects
Pset of rights
rPread right
aPwrite right (equivalent to append)
wPread and write right
ePempty right
Cset of clearances (for subjects) or classifications (for objects)
Kset of categories
L = C × Kset of security levels
fs(s)maximum security level of subject s
fc(s)current security level of subject s
fo(o)security level of object o
F = { fs(s), fc(s), fo(o)) }set of functions to map entity into security level
f = (fs(s), fc(s), fo(o))an element of the set F
Hset of hierarchy functions hH, where h: OP(O)
Mset of possible access control matrices
V = { (b, m, f, h) }set of states of system
baccess control matrix m that excludes rights not allowed by f
Rset of requests for access
Dset of outcomes
yPthe access is allowed
nPthe access is not allowed
iPthe request is illegal
ePan error occurred in processing the request
WR × D × V × Vset of actions of the system
X = RNset of sequences of requests
Y = DNset of sequences of decisions
Z = VNset of sequences of states
Σ(R, D, W, z0) ∈ X × Y × Y    system representation

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