Outline for February 1, 2001

  1. Greetings and felicitations!
    1. Friday times good, also Tuesday 3-4:30. Please send me your preferences!
  2. Clocks
    1. Vector clocks and causal relation
    2. ordering of messages so you receive them in the order sent
    3. why
    4. for broadcast (ISIS): Birman-Schiper-Stephenson
    5. for point to point: Schiper-Eggli-Sandoz
  3. Global state
    1. Show problem of slicing state when something is in transit
    2. Define local state; send(mij) IN LSi iff time of send(mij) < current time of LSi; similar for receive
    3. transit(LSi, LSj); inconsistent(LSi, LSj); consistent state is one with inconsistent set empty for all pairs LSi, LSj
    4. Consistent global state: Chandry-Lamport
  4. Termination detection
    1. Haung

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