Homework #2

Due Date: February 1, 2001
Points: 60

  1. (10 points) Number all the forks in the Dining Philosopher's problem and require that each philosopher request an even-numbered fork before an odd-numbered fork. Will this allocation strategy prevent deadlock and starvation? Is it a form of a well-known strategy (named in section 3.9.3)?
  2. (15 points) Using the definitions given in class, prove that "S is not a deadlock state" does not imply that "S is a safe state."
  3. (15 points) Assume a system has p processes and r identical units of a reusble resource. If each process can claim at most n units of the resource, show that the system will be deadlock free if, and only if, r >= p(n-1)+1 [text, problem 3.7].
  4. (20 points) Prove Theorem 3.6.

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