Outline for May 7, 1997

  1. Greetings and Felicitations
  2. HRU result and proof
    1. General result (HRU Theorem): Whether a given state of a given protection system is safe for a given generic right is undecidable
    2. Proof approach: reduce halting problem to safety problem
    3. Proof: T is an arbitrary Turing machine; encode T's state as an ACM and the head moves as commands of the protection system
      T in state q has scanned k cells; cells k+1, ... are blank. Represent q as an ACM with k subjects and objects meeting the following:
      1. If cell s of tape contains symbol X, then A[s, s] contains the right X
      2. A[s, s+1] contains the right Own; this induces an ordering on the subjects according to the symbols on the tape; note Own is above main diagonal
      3. A[k, k] contains the right End (signalling the farthest right the head has moved)
      4. If tape head at cell s, A[s, s] contains the right q
      Initially, q0 is an ACM with one subject and one object corresponding to the first tape cell.
      Move: d(q, X) = (p, Y, L) means in state q and head scanning symbol X, changes state to p, overwrites X with Y, and moves head left (R would be right). Moves represented as commands; example: above move is:
      command cqX(s, s')
        if Own in A[s, s'] and
        q in A[s', s'] and
        X in A[s', s']
        delete q from A[s', s']
        delete X from A[s', s']
        enter Y into A[s', s']
        enter p into A[s', s']
      where s' is current position of tape head and s is square to left. A move to the right has to handle the End case; 2 different commands, appropriately conditioned
      Now, if T reaches its final state qf, then right qf leaked into some position of ACM; equivalently, if T halts, the right qf is leaked. So if the safety question is decideable, so is the halting problem, which is false; so the safety problem is undecidable.
  3. Take-Grant: rules, initial and terminal spans, bidirectionality of t and g given subject-only graph

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