Outline for February 23, 1999

  1. Greetings and felicitations!
  2. Information flow
    1. Deals with right to disseminate information.
    2. Assume lattice-structured information flow policy (à la BLP); represent as (SC, <)
    3. Explicit vs. implicit information flows
  3. Program statements; define when "secure"
    1. assignment
    2. compound
    3. alternation
    4. iteration
    5. function call
    6. composition of above; show compile/parse tree
  4. Give examples (copy)
  5. Execution-Based with Fixed Classes
    1. verify flows at times of explicit assignment to object
    2. cannot report attempted security violations
  6. Execution-Based with Variable Classes
    1. change variable's class to allow flow
    2. fails for implicit
  7. Compiler-Based Mechanisms
    1. assures secure execution of each statement
    2. may reject secure mechanisms (not precise)
    3. procedures
    4. arrays
    5. gotos (blocks)
    6. errors
  8. Flow verification

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