Homework 4

Due Date: June 14, 2000, at 6PM
Points: 150

  1. (50 points) Consider the intrusion detection system model, which consists of sensor mechanisms, analysis engines, and notification engines. Please generalize this model to cover other system auditing mechanisms.
  2. (40 points) The program lsu is a version of su that uses an access control file and the user's password to give access to shared accounts. It runs setuid to root on UNIX systems. On the web page is a tarball of the program lsu.tar. Download it and find at least 2 potential security vulnerabilities. You do not need to exploit them, but you must say how you could exploit them.
  3. (60 points) The library msystem provides a version of the system(3) library function that purports to provide better security when invoked by a privileged (setuid or setgid) program. On the web page is a tarball of the library. Please evaluate it against the eight principles of secure design and state which ones it exemplifies, if any. Can you find any security flaws?

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