A Security Policy Language for CORBA (SPLC)


Stoney Jackson

Project Proposal


CORBA [?] offers an architecture for designing distributed applications and integrating legacy systems. CORBA also specifies a set of services to provide functionality that is generally common across all applications. Among these service specifications is CORBAsecurity [?]. The CORBAsecurity service is based on the CORBA Security Reference Model [?], which describes abstract mechanisms for enforcing security policies within the distributed application. The CORBAsecurity service essentially gives CORBA application implementors an API by which to implement security policies via the CORBA Security Reference Model. The API is an abstraction layer that relieves the application implementor from the security mechanisms that are used to implement the security reference model. This abstraction layer is important because it provides a level of portability between platforms with different security mechanisms. However, the implementation of security policies is still left to the application implementor.


The goal of this project is to develop a security policy language for specifying policies that are relevant to the distributed object computing (DOC) model [reference here]. Specifically, it will be designed with the intent to be embedded in CORBA's interface definition language (IDL), and enforced automatically via the CORBA Security Service.


This project will begin by developing a set of requirements for a security policy language for CORBA. Next, existing existing languages (e.g. DTEL [Ste+99], ASL [JSS97], Adage [ref], LaSCO [Hoa2000], Ponder [Nic+2000], Adage [RZ97], Miro [Hey+90], etc.) and their corresponding security models/mechanisms (e.g. OO-DTE [Ste+99], ACM [Lam71], history-based access control [EAV98], logic-based access control, rule-based access control, etc.) will be evaluated with respect to this set of requirements. Finally, a prototype language will be suggested and partially implemented (to demonstrate feasibility).


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