ECS 289M, Winter Quarter 2015
Introduction to Research in Computer and Information Security

The goal of this class is to introduce students to real-world research problems. This class will be done in collaboration with external organizations such as government agencies, commercial firms, and (possibly) organizations within UC Davis. Those organizations will propose research problems that the organization wishes to pursue. Each problem has a “sponsor”, or someone in the organization who will mentor the students working on the project. Students see the proposals, form teams, and apply to the sponsor to do the projects. The sponsor then evaluates the teams and picks one to work with. The sponsor and students scope the work to something suitable for the length of time of the class, and then the students conduct the research. We expect the students to meet weekly with the sponsor to discuss progress and ensure the research is on the right track.

This class is intended for graduate students who want to carry our research in computer security. Our focus is on research that will be useful to the sponsors and organizations. It is a 2-quarter class (Winter and Spring 2015 Quarters). Please plan for both quarters if at all possible.

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Weekly Dashboard Reports

Dashboard Template [PPTX] (upload these to PURR)

Proposed Projects

The project descriptions are all on SmartSite in the class area.

ECS 289M, Winter Quarter 2015: Introduction to Research in Computer and Information Security