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Matt Bishop
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Phone: (530) 752-8060
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Lectures and Discussion Section

Lecture: MWF 3:10pm–4:00pm in 107 Cruess

Course Outline

The goal of this class is to introduce students to real-world research problems. This class will be done in collaboration with external organizations such as government agencies, commercial firms, and (possibly) organizations within UC Davis. Those organizations will propose research problems that the organization wishes to pursue. Each problem has a “sponsor”, or someone in the organization who will mentor the students working on the project. Students see the proposals, form teams, and apply to the sponsor to do the projects. The sponsor then evaluates the teams and picks one to work with. The sponsor and students scope the work to something suitable for the length of time of the class, and then the students conduct the research. We expect the students to meet weekly with the sponsor to discuss progress and ensure the research is on the right track

This class is intended for graduate students who want to carry our research in computer security. Our focus is on research that will be useful to the sponsors and organizations. It is a 2-quarter class (Winter and Spring 2022 Quarters). Please plan for both quarters if at all possible.

Course Goals


See the handout Detailed Course Description.


There is no textbook for this class.

Class Web Site

To access the class web site, go to Canvas ( and log in using your campus login and password. Then go to ECS 289M in your schedule. I will post Announcements, assignments, handouts, and grades there, and you must submit assignments there. The alternate web site,, has all the handouts, assignments, and announcements; you cannot submit assignments there, and I will not post grades to it.

You will also receive an account on the INSuREHub Confluence. This site contains information, problems, and samples from the other universities involved in this course.


Assignments are due at noon Pacific time on the dates indicated on the syllabus, unless otherwise specified. They are to be submitted to Canvas and, in some cases, also to INSuREHub. See the handout Detailed Course Description and the course syllabus for details.


See the handout Detailed Course Description.

Important. The grade E-NWS (sometimes called NWS or NS), which stands for “No Work Submitted”, is no longer a valid grade. In cases where it would have been assigned in the past, we will give a grade of “F”. So please be sure you drop this class rather than submit no work!

PTA Numbers

The department policy on issuing PTAs is available at If you need a PTA, please read that page, and follow the instructions there.

Important Dates

First day of instruction: January 3, 2022
10-day drop deadline: January 14, 2022
Last day to add: January 19, 2022
Last day to opt for P/NP grading: February 7, 2022
Last day of instruction: March 11, 2022

Academic Integrity

The UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct, available at, applies to this class. For this course, all submitted work must be your own. You may discuss your assignments with classmates or the instructor to get ideas or a critique of your ideas, but the ideas and words you submit must be your own. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, collaboration is considered cheating.

Remember to cite, and give the source for, anything you copy or paraphrase, as is standard academic protocol. Plagiarism is cheating and will be handled as such.

Any cheating will be reported to the Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs.

Public Health Expectations and Best Practices

Keeping our campus healthy takes all of us. You are expected to follow university public health requirements and pursue personal protection practices to protect yourself and the others around you. These include:

Other Information

You can get more information about COVID and the campus on the Campus Ready web site. The web site Resource FAQ for Students also has useful information about the University for students.

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