General Information

Instructor Matt Bishop; Office: 3059 Kemper Hall; Phone: (530) 752-8060
Email:; Web:
Office Hours: MWF 10:00–10:50, by appointment, or by chance
Class Meetings W 11:00–11:50 PM in 109 Olson
Course Content This course will examine the history and state of electronic voting systems. It will focus on how the machines are used, what policies and procedures are needed to administer and run these systems during an election, and how voters interact with the systems. We will also examine problems that the systems have had, and how those have been dealt with.
Course Goals By the end of the seminar, I hope you can discuss the role of electronic voting systems in elections, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and distinguish opinion and hyperbole from facts.
Prerequisite An interest in elections and computers.
Class Web Site The class web site is on SmartSite. To access it, go to and log in using your campus-wide login and password. Then go to FRS 001 in your schedule. Handouts and other documents will be posted there. I will also post announcements there, too. If you do not have access to SmartSite, you can go to the alternate web site at You can download handouts from that site, but you cannot look at your grades there.
Short paper 1/3
Presentation 1/3
Participation 1/3
Academic Integrity Please see the Spring 2008 Class Schedule and Room Directory for a general discussion of this. In particular, all work submitted for credit must be your own. You may discuss your work with classmates and/or with the instructor, to get ideas or a critique of your ideas, but the ideas and words you submit must be your own. Ask the instructor for clarification beforehand if the above rules are not clear.

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