Homework 1

Please find 3 or 4 news articles that discuss problems with elections. The problems do not have to involve electronic voting systems; they should involve some failure of the election process.

From these articles, please find at least 4 requirements that the election should have met. It’s fine to list requirements that the election did meet, as well as those it should have met but did not. What is important is that you get the requirement from the news articles.

Please enter the bibliographic information on each article (title, newspaper or magazine, date, author if credited, and URL if you get it off the Internet), and your name, onto the SmartSite Wiki. I've put an example there so you can see what I mean. Also, submit the same information to your drop box on Smartsite; that will time-stamp your selection, so if there is a conflict I can figure out who was first.

Important note. Each student must use different articles, so as soon as you identify the articles you want to use, enter them in the Wiki.

You can also obtain a PDF version of this. Version of April 1, 2008 at 10:30 PM