Homework 3

Please select any 2 of the following 3 parts. After you do your searching, write a 1 page description of what you found.

Federal E-Voting Standards

Please look at the executive summary of the 1990, 2002, 2005, or (proposed) 2008 federal Voluntary Voting System Standards. Identify the requirements that systems which meet the standards should satisfy. For example, do the standards require accessability by disabled people, accuracy (and to what degree), and so forth?

External Analysis of the Standards

Please search for comments and opinions about how well the federal standards capture the requirements for an election. Statements like “the standards do not require a sfficient degree of accuracy because ...” or “the standards are too rigid because ...” are fine. Please avoid comments that are solely political in nature; if the comments do not give a reason that the criticism is valid, do not use the comment.

State E-Voting Standards

Please look at the web pages of the Secretaries of State for three states. Name the states, and say whether these states require e-voting systems to meet the federal standards (that is often expressed as saying the systems must be federally certified), and if the systems must meet any other requirements (and if so, what those additional requirements are). Be careful—the additional requirements may not be stated explicitly; they may be in the form of tests, such as a state review, that the system must pass.

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