Homework 4

The goal of this assignment is to show you what a “electronic voting system” consists of.

For this assignment, you are to visit three electronic voting system vendor's web sites. Please identify the equipment, and components, they sell as “electronic voting systems”. Please list the equipment and components, and give a short (10 word or less) description of each. For example:

Hart eSlate—system on which voters cast vote

Try to find as many components as you can.

The web sites of the companies are: Hart Intercivic (http://www.hartintercivic.com/), Sequoia Voting Sstems (http://www.sequoiavote.com/), and Premier Election Solutions (http://www.premierelections.com/), the last formerly being a division of Diebold. Other voting system companies exist; feel free to look for them and select them instead.

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